(FORT DODGE) - Healthcare agencies throughout Webster County, including Webster County Public Health, Unity Point Health – Fort Dodge, and Community Health Center of Fort Dodge have been working in coordination for the past month on COVID-19 testing procedures, care coordination and response.  All agencies have COVID-19 test kits and have been testing patients.

“UnityPoint Health – Fort Dodge does have testing kits. We remain vigilant about following CDC guidelines for screening, testing and infection control as related to COVID-19. In terms of testing-related supplies, we are actively monitoring and responding to changes in the market. As of today, we have no substantial supply shortages. However, this is a very dynamic and fluid situation, and out top priority involves staying prepared in order to serve our patients and communities,” said Leah Glasgo, President and CEO, UnityPointHealth-FortDodge.

Dr. Elizabeth W. Stoebe, medical director of Community Health Center of Fort Dodge added that “we have expanded our medical clinic to seven days a week in Fort Dodge to keep people out of the ER and continue to care for their acute needs.” 

As of Monday morning, there are currently no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Webster County. 

“We have received negative COVID-19 test results back from labs,” said Kelli Wallace, medical director for Webster County Public Health. 

 Webster County residents who are experiencing symptoms including cough, fever, and difficulty breathing are asked to call ahead to their healthcare provider before coming to clinic or to urgent care. 

 “It’s important to note that 80-percent of those who do have COVID-19 will experience only mild to moderate symptoms,” said Webster County Public Health Director Kari Prescott. “But they will still be able to transmit droplets of the virus, thus they will be advised to self-isolate at home until they are fever free without the use of medicine for at least 72 hours and other symptoms have improved and at least seven days have passed since your symptoms first appeared.” 

Webster County Public Health, Unity Point Health – Fort Dodge, and Community Health Center of Fort Dodge continue to work in coordination for COVID-19 testing and response and also continue to follow guidance set by the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).