Webster County is a state accredited Targeted Case Management provider for persons with Chronic Mental Illness, Mental Retardation, and Developmental Disabilities. Targeted Case Management is an individualized service to assist in planning and attaining goals to live more productive lives. The Case Manager will help an individual in assessing their needs and desires in life domains and help develop an individualized comprehensive plan to accomplish their goals. The Case Manager also provides ongoing coordination and monitoring of services.

To access case management, contact the office at 515-573-1485 and ask for the case manager supervisor.


A diagnosis of chronic mental illness, mental retardation, or a developmental disability
Have a brain injury and eligilbe for the brain injury waiver
Have a need for coordination of services and supports

What is Case Management?

  • Webster County Case Management assists individuals through an ongoing process of identifying, locating, and obtaining the services and resources that best help them live in the community, in a normally interdependent way.
  • Case Management emphasizes each individual’s abilities and strengths.
  • Case Management encourages each individual to direct the decision making process.
  • Serves persons with Mental Retardation, Developmental Disabilities, and persons with Chronic Mental Illness.
  • Is funded through Title XIX, State and County dollars.
  • Provides advocacy for individuals in the program.

Person centered planning, as well as person centered thinking, is used in the delivery of case management services.

What Do Case Managers Do?

  • Assessment: Develop a relationship with the person to assist them in identifying what they want in their life and how to get it. (Where to work, where to live, how to spend free time).
  • Planning: Case Managers are familiar with available community resources and supports. They help the consumer to identify what is needed to meet their goals.
  • Coordination: Case Managers work to assure there is communication among all parties so that each person can access needed resources effectively.
  • Monitoring: Services, supports, and resources are followed by Case Managers to assure that the level of services and supports outlined by the team and written in the Comprehensive Consumer Service Plan are being provided.
  • Advocacy: Case Managers strive to protect consumers’ rights and work to enhance their ability to make informed choices.

Am I Eligible For Case Management?

Individuals Eligible:
We provide both Targeted Case Management (funded by Medicaid) and County Case Management (funded by Webster County) to individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • adult with chronic mental illness
  • adult with developmental disability which was present before age 22
  • adult with mental retardation which was present before age 18
  • adult or child who is eligible for the Home and Community Based waiver for brain injury (HCBS/BI Waiver)
  • adult or child who is eligible for the Home and Community Based waiver for mental retardation (HCBS/MR Waiver)
  • A child who is eligible for the Home and Community Based Children's Mental Health Waiver

Mission of Case Management Program

It is the mission of Webster County Case Management to support individuals with disabilities in choosing and meeting their goals.  This mission is grounded in the philosophy that people with disabilities have the same rights as others:  the opportunities to live, work, and play in the most culturally normative and least restrictive environments possible.   Services are delivered within the framework of an interdisciplinary team approach, which includes the individual served and family.

How Do I Get a Case Manager?

Initiating Application: 
Call and ask for the Case Management Supervisor at (515) 573-1485 to begin the application process or come to the Webster County Community Services office located at 723 1st Avenue South in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Once you have a case manager, you will be the leader of a team who will discuss what services and supports you will need to reach your goals.