Planning and Coordination

Giving the best services by numerous providers demands careful planning and coordination, to serve the individual needs of people with disabilities.

The Alliance acts as a center to unite people with disabilities, service providers, affected families and others to:

Gather information on disability needs and services
Improve existing services, create new services and coordinate all services
Provide information about services to people with disabilities and their families
Promote the flow of information among people with disabilities, providers families and others
Promote broad public knowledge about disabilities and disabilities services.

  • The system is inclusive of all regardless of age, disability and financial status.
  • Supports, services, and facilities are accessible to all.
  • People with disabilities are empowered.
  • Families are supported.
  • The community is aware of and educated about people with disabilities.
  • People with disabilities are valued memobers of the community.
  • Volunteers are a part of the system.
  • Providers are communicating and working together.
  • All individuals can live and receive the services and supports they want and need in their community.