Hiking, Biking & Water Trails

Water Trails:
Webster County is blessed with the Des Moines River, and Lizard Creek offering a number of different types of on-water experiences. Around 62 miles of navigable water trails await exploration by curious paddlers. Please enjoy, appreciate, and respect Iowa's waterways. 

What is a Water Trail?
Water Trails are recreational corridors and routes on rivers and lakes that provide a unique experience all water users. Water trails help re-connect Iowans to their waterways’ history, heritage, geology, fisheries, and wildlife. Coordinated signage and mapping systems guide users toward the types of experiences they seek, ranging from a highly social first-time river experience lasting a few hours to multi-day adventures. Click on the river trail maps below to view

DSM River Trail MapLizard Creek Trail Map

Hiking & Biking Trails:
Fort Dodge and Webster County Trail Systems are growing as the community concentrates on increasing the connectivity of the trails. Currently the hard-surfaced trail network boasts approximately 25 miles of trail and shared-roadways. Wayfinding signs are posted on the trails along with informational kiosks being located at the 4 trailheads.  These informational kiosks show a trail map of the system and educate users on the unique characteristics of each location. Trailheads can be located at Rosedales Rapids Family Aquatic City, Central Avenue Plaza in Downtown Fort Dodge, Rogers Sports Complex and Kennedy Park. The trail system highlights the Des Moines River Valley and connects a variety of community attractions, parks, neighborhoods, and schools. Click on the Hike & Bike cover to view. 

Webster County Public Hiking & Biking Trail Information - What you will see:

  • City of Fort Dodge Trail Map - Copy
    • Information kiosk panels will be located at 4 different trailheads throughout the city/county trail system that includes system-wide trail maps and site-specific information both historical and modern-day pieces
    • Information panels will be located at 7 points along the trail network highlighting the site-specific information and trail loop
    • Trail markers will be located every ½ mile within the trail system with 911 emergency locations
    • Directional markers will also be located at trail intersections to assist bikers and walkers to community destinations
    • Addition of trail art

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