Our Mission 
It is the mission of the Webster County Conservation Board to preserve our natural resources, to educate the public about the environment, to create learning and recreational opportunities without exploiting our resources, to promote activities that create an awareness or understanding of the environment through programs of conservation and to ultimately develop environmentally responsible citizens of Webster County.
Board Meetings are held monthly in the Reception Center at Kennedy Park. The public is notified of meeting times through the local media and interested persons are invited to attend.

  Matt Cosgrove – Director            
               Cody Peterson – Operations Supervisor
Darren Herzog – Park Ranger   
Joe Sherbon – Park Ranger 
Karen Hansen – Naturalist      
   Erin Ford – Naturalist
                         Andy Stanberg – IRVM/Vegetation Specialist
                                         Tasha Nielsen – Trail & Natural Resource Technician
                                      Adam Moeding – Trail & Natural Resource Technician
                                        Brody Bertram – Trail & Natural Resource Technician

Board Members

Jerry Beck
KC Coleman
Beth Collins
Geri Winge
Nick Carlson