Swimming Pools & Spas

Local Environmental Health Updates
The Swimming Pool and Spas program has proposed some very minor changes to 641-Chapter 15. The changes include the following:

  • Cleanup of the language referencing the AGA seal, marks and data plates on heaters
  • Revising the lighting units from lumens/ft2 to foot candles
  • Removing a federal reference to CPSC’s waterslide standard, CFR Title 16, Part 1207
  • Removing the requirement that CPO training providers provide a list of individual names/addresses who have completed a training course. The change also removes the $20 fee required for each person who successfully completes the training course
  • Revising the requirement for facilities to maintain purchase records for covers/grates from 5 years to the life of the cover/grate

The Notice of Intended Action (NOIA) has been published in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin. Here's a link to the 1/25/2023 edition of the Iowa Administrative Bulletin.  Chapter 15 changes can be found on page 1881. The comment period will run through 4:30 pm on February 14, 2023.

We apologize for the short turnaround on the comments. If you do have comments, you can direct them to Ken Sharp (Kenneth.sharp@idph.iowa.gov) or you can send them directly to Mindy Uhle (Mindy.uhle@idph.iowa.gov).