Care for Yourself

Care for Yourself Program is a low-cost screening program that is available to qualified women ages 50 and over.  If these diseases are detected early, they are possibly more treatable and the prognosis is much better.  Some of the screening exams that are offered and paid for through this program are Pap test and Pelvic exams, Clinical breast exams (done by your doctor or nurse), Mammograms and doctor visits.

Care for Yourself Program has been in existence since 1996 and served 97 women in 2010.  Many women have been enrolled in the program since its inception and receive annual exams which include mammograms, clinical breast exams and pap smears.  Other recipients are new enrollees. The program targets women age 50 and over but has enrolled younger women that are symptomatic with breast problems.

The program is a great relief for lower to middle income families, especially those without insurance.  It allows many women to receive annual exams without the financial burden of out-of-pocket expenses.  Since it is only a screening program, not all diagnostic tests are covered.  Since the passing of the Treatment Act, women who are enrolled in the program and have received a diagnosis of cancer are eligible to receive Medicaid for 3 months in order to cover the cost of cancer treatment.

Enrollment Information
To see if you qualify and/or to enroll for the program please contact:

Iowa Department of Public Health
Lucas State Office Building
321 E 12th Street
Des Moines, IA 50319-0075

Additional Resources:

National Cancer Institute 1-800-4-CANCER
American Cancer Society 1-800-ACS-2345
National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations 1-800-719-9154
Susan G. Komen for the Cure