Communicable Disease

Disease Follow Up

Program Information:

WCHD coordinates communicable disease and food borne illnesses. Referrals for investigation originate from the Iowa Department of Public Health or from concerns received from the community. Webster County Health Department assists with collecting information on illnesses from individuals, taking environmental or food samples, and determining the source of an illness outbreak.

Various illnesses and areas of concern included pertussis exposure (whooping cough), latent TB infections, animal bites and bat exposures and salmonella.  We continued our annual campaign to provide influenza vaccination to as many people as possible, including providing school-based flu clinics. Preventative TB medications are provided free of charge on a monthly basis through IDPH’s Tuberculosis Prevention Program.  PH staff reviewed various emergency preparedness points and we have continued to attend incident command trainings.

For information contact:
Phone: 515-573-4107

Addtional Resources:
Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH)
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Food Safety