Basic Nutrition

Program Information:

Iowa Nutrition Network School Grant is a nutrition program that teaches children what it means to be healthy.  Children are taught the importance of eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables and why they should exercise.  We visit Butler and Duncombe in Fort Dodge on a monthly basis.  We discuss nutrition and exercise topics with kids from Pre-K through 3rd grade.

Each month a new fruit or vegetable is selected for the kids to taste and discuss.  It is a great way to get those “PICKY” eaters to try new foods!  A sheet is sent home with the kids telling parents what their kids tried in school and provides parents with information about that fruit or veggie and a healthy recipes.

If you have questions  or would like more information on how they can help their children be healthier please contact:

Email:   Erica Loerts
Phone: 515-573-4107