Maternal Health

Program Information:

The Maternal Health Program is a prenatal program which provides information and education to pregnant women on having a healthy pregnancy and getting ready for their baby.  The program is available to all expecting women, though the majority of participants are those women who are pregnant for the first time.  Clients are seen by one of our Registered Nurses to receive information on what to expect during their pregnancy, healthy living, and how to care for themselves during and after pregnancy.  They are able to receive a home visit after the baby is born to receive information on caring for their new baby.  Clients are also seen by a Registered Dietician for education about nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding education.  Participants receive services from a Family Development Specialist, who can assist them with social needs such as housing assistance, substance abuse counseling, furthering education, family adjustment and getting ready to care for a baby.  Pregnant women are offered dental screening and oral care instruction, and topical fluoride varnish is applied to teeth.  Dental referrals are made as needed.  A nursing visit is provided after delivery.

Presumptive eligibility for Medicaid can be processed by staff at the Webster County Health Department.  Presumptive eligibility is temporary Title 19 insurance for pregnant women while it is being determined if eligible for Medicaid services.

Phone: 515-573-4107