Planning and Zoning Permits

Building Permit Applications
All permit applications should be filled out their entirety, along with a sketch of the proposed building or structure and the permit fee. 

Building Permit Application
Please return the completed above application to :  Webster County Planning & Zoning , 703 Central Ave.  Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501. 

Building Permit Application Fees

  • Main Structure - Includes new houses, replacing houses, moving a manufactured house onto a site, moving a modular house onto a site, etc. Square footage  is the footprint of the building
    • Less than 1500 sq. ft. ------------------------------------------ $350 
    • 1500 to 2499 sq. ft. -------------------------------------------- $750 
    • 2500 sq. ft. or more -------------------------------------------- $1000 
  • Alterations and Accessory Structures - Includes garages, sheds, additions, ect. Free standing or attached to an existing structure
    • Less than 200 sq. ft. -------------------------------------------- $50 
    • 200 to 2499 sq. ft. ---------------------------------------------- $200 
    • 2500 sq. ft. or more ---------------------------------------------$300 

Main Development Applications

Pre-Application Meeting Request Application
Above is the Pre-Application Meeting Request Application - prior to submitting any of the applications below - please request a meeting with the Webster County Planning and Zoning Administrator to discuss plans, policies and procedures, etc.  
Please submit this application to the Webster County Planning and Zoning Administrator by:

Main Development Application 
For Fees on the above applications please see the Webster County Planning & Zoning Fee Schedule 

Other Applications

Sign Permit Application- Includes roof sign, wall sign, free standing sign, post sign, billboard, ground sign, etc. Does not include temporary real estate "for sale" signs or political signs.
  • 5 sq. ft. or less ------------------------------------------------------------------$50
  • More than 5 sq. ft. Home Business --------------------------------------$100
  • Commercial --------------------------------------------------------------------$200
  • Billboards -----------------------------------------------------------------------$500

Webster County Floodplain Application

State DNR-Army Corp Flood Plain Application

Home Occupation Application

Agricultural Exemption Application