Land Records

Lands and Records Management:

Real Estate Recording Cutoff:  3:00 p.m.
Recording fees are $5.00 per page and $1.00 per document records management fee; plus $1.00 per document E-commerce fee. Deeds require a $5.00 auditor's transfer fee for each parcel transferred (block or section). Click here for Fee Schedule.

All documents must meet Document Formatting Standards. Click here to view the Document Formatting Standards.
To assist you with the compliance of document formatting standards, please click here to find a fillable blank cover sheet.

Certified copies of recorded documents may be obtained for a $5.00 certification fee plus $1.00 per page.

Iowa Land Records
Visit Iowa Land Records to search, view, and print Land Records (July 1, 1999 to current) for Webster County.
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Real Estate Transfers:Documentary Revenue (Real Estate Transfer Tax)
Real estate transfer tax of $1.60 per thousand dollars of consideration (first $500 exempt) is collected at the time of recording for non-exempt Deeds.  The Iowa Real Estate Transfer Tax Table is available by
 clicking here.  Deeds that are exempt require an exemption statement on the Deed.

Declaration of Value
Iowa law requires that a "Declaration of Value" statement reflecting the full consideration paid in certain nonexempt real estate conveyances be submitted to the county recorder at the time a deed, contract, instrument, or other writing is presented for recording. 

Groundwater Hazard Statement
To satisfy legal requirements for filing an instrument of conveyance of real property with the county recorder according to Iowa Code Section 558.69, a Groundwater Hazard Statement must be completed.

State and Federal Tax Liens:State and Federal tax liens are recorded in the real estate records. Searches can be conducted and certificates can be issued regarding the findings ($6.00 per certification). Copies of Federal tax liens are $5.00 each.