Meet the Sheriff

Sheriff Luke Fleener

In 2020, Luke Fleener ran for the position of Webster County Sheriff. He then took office in January 2021 after winning the general election.

Preceding his appointment as Sheriff in 2021, Fleener held a position as Detective on the Narcotics Task Force and supervised two other Detectives from the Sheriff’s Department. Although his primary duties were focused on illegal narcotic cases, he has been the lead investigator on many other criminal investigations including Homicides, Sexual Assaults, Kid Knapping, Officer Involved Shootings and Financial Crimes.

Fleener brings 20 years of tactical experience holding a title as Team Leader for most of those years. He has received over 2000 hours of professional training and has provided over 4000 hours of training to others. Sheriff Fleener still travels the United States provided ALERRT training to first responders on a regular basis.

The Sheriff oversees daily operations of the Sheriff’s Office including Civil Division, Patrol and Detective Division, Jail staff and most recently Communication Center. Currently the Commander of the joint Special Emergency Response Team tactical unit made up of officers from the Fort Dodge Police Department and the Webster County Sheriff’s Department, Sheriff Fleener responds to high-risk events and is also the training coordinator for this team. He is responsible for organizing monthly trainings on various topics.

Sheriff Fleener and his team at the Sheriff’s Office, are determined to provide the best service possible to the citizens of Webster County in all area’s of law enforcement.

Chief Deputy Sheriff Derek Christie

Derek Christie is a graduate of Southeast Webster High School and later attended Buena Vista University
where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Hired by prior Sheriff Jim Stubbs in 2013, Derek worked as a patrol deputy until 2018 when he was promoted to Sergeant. Derek has taken on many roles and assignments at the Sheriff’s Office including Special Emergency Response Team member, union steward, ALICE instructor, Telecommunications Board Chairman, and EMA/E911 Board Member.

Upon his election, Sheriff Fleener appointed Sergeant Derek Christie to Chief Deputy Sheriff. Derek assists the Sheriff in overseeing the daily operations of the Sheriff’s Office, Civil Division, Patrol and Detective Division, Jail Division and Communication Center.  Derek currently manages all deputy training programs, vehicle and equipment support, budgetary items, recruitment and hiring, and employee relations. Derek has attended countless Law Enforcement trainings and is a graduate of the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance Leadership Fort Dodge Class 2022-2023.