Summary of Benefits

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 Summary of Benefits
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Dan Lewandowski - Director
Webster County Veterans Affairs
 723 1st Ave S, Fort Dodge
Webster County Veterans Affairs Commission
      Tom Dorsey 515-408-2609
      Rich Lennon 515-574-9838
       Marie Sheeder 515-570-5356
Veterans Helping Veterans

The Veterans Affairs office assists Veterans and or family, in obtaining benefits from the County, the State or the Federal government for benefits earned.


Assistance With

  • County relief providing emergency assistance for indigent Veterans, surviving spouse, and/or minor children, living in Webster County in the areas of:
    • Rent
    • Utilities
    • Burial
    • Transportation
  • Assist with having the word VETERAN added on your drivers-license.
  • Obtaining military records
  • Veteran discount / exemption on real estate taxes


  • Must be a resident of Webster County
  • Must meet income guidelines
  • Must have an honorable discharge


Home Base Iowa

  • Web base job bank especially designed for Veterans living or moving back to Iowa seeking employment.

Hunting & Fishing License

  • Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License for $7.00. Must have a disability rating of at least 10%.

License Plate

  • Veterans License Plates are free, if numbered. Personalized costs $25.00.

Trust Fund

  • Funds available for those at or below the 300% income poverty level needing assistance with a variety of categories to include dental, vehicle repair, housing repair etc.

Veterans Cemetery

  • Admittance Assistance to the Iowa Veterans cemetery located in Van Meter, Iowa.

Veterans Home

  • Admittance Assistance to the Iowa Veterans Home located in Marshalltown, Iowa.
For additional information on Iowa benefits visit


Disability Compensation

  • Documented injuries, incurred while on Active Duty. Compensation payments start with a disability rating of 10%.
  • Disability Pension: Wartime Veteran, (and/or over the age of 65), with limited income.

Survivor’s (Death) Pension

  • Paid to the surviving spouse of a wartime Veteran with limited income.

Death & Indemnity Compensation (DIC)

  • Paid to the surviving spouse, if the service member died while on active duty, died from a service-connected disability, or was-rated 100% permanent and total.


  • $2,000 Burial Allowance if death is service-related.
  • $948.00 Burial Allowance if death is not service related.
  • $948.00 Burial Plot Allowance if receiving disability compensation.
  • Burial option at State cemeteries
  • Flag Holder w/Flag depicting Veterans time of service.
  • Headstone or Grave Marker free for Veterans.


  • Dependent Education Assistants: 36 months of benefits for spouse and each dependent under the age of 26 if the Veteran is rated 100% permanent and total.

Health Care

  • Eligibility requires having at least a 10% disability rating or meets income guidelines.

Home Loans

  • Assist with obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility for a VA home loan.


  • a Veteran
  • a Veteran’s dependent
  • a surviving spouse or child of a deceased Veteran
  • a member, or retiree of the Guard or Reserves
  • an active duty service member