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Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Assessor Angie Vinson Assessor (515)-574-3728
Assessor Lori Owen Chief Deputy Assessor (515)-574-3725
Assessor Joshua Pyle Clerk (515)-574-3726
Assessor Katie Boland Clerk katie.boland@webstercountyiaorg._ (515)-574-3724
Assessor Thomas Bennett Clerk (515) 574-3727
Attorney County Attorney Main Line Main Line (515)-573-1452
Auditor Doreen Pliner Auditor (515)-573-4920
Auditor Tina Eldal Deputy (515)-574-3713
Auditor Krystal Lloyd Drainage Clerk (515)-574-3717
Auditor Lizabeth Lopez Clerk (515) 574-3716
Auditor Nichole Simon Clerk (515) 573-4920
Clerk of Court Tina Ganzevald (515)-574-3762
Clerk of Court Sue Minikis (515)-574-3737
Clerk of Court Alaine Clavey (515)-574-3736
Clerk of Court Kris Olsen (515)-574-3766
Clerk of Court Ranae Caquelin (515)-574-3742
Clerk of Court Brenda Ivory (515)-574-3741
Clerk of Court Laura Jacobson (515)-574-3740
Clerk of Court Lisa Lombard (515)-574-3764
Clerk of Court Kathy Loerts (515)-576-7116
Conservation Matt Cosgrove Director (515)-576-4258
Court Administration Bill Watson (515)-574-3751
Court Administration Kellie Orres (515)-574-3752
Court Administration Katie Nekvinda (515)-574-3754
Court Adminstration Cathy Lawler (515)-574-3739
Court Administration Deb Peterson (515)-576-0581
Emergency Management Dylan Hagen Director (515)-573-1403
Engineer/Roads Jamie Johll County Engineer (515)-574-3729
Engineer/Roads Angie Schliske Office Manager (515)-576-3281
Secondary Roads Dale Anderson District 1 Foreman (515)-571-6249
Secondary Roads Dale Iles District 2 Foreman (515)-269-2307
Secondary Roads Tony Cloud Maintenance Shop Foreman (515) 972-4180
Secondary Roads Sonya Nickelson Purchasing Agent (515)-972-4180
Health Jennifer Sumpter Director (515) 574-3833
Health Tricia Nichols Child Health/Maternal Health Coordinator (515)-574-3832
Health Jennifer Wuebker Chief Nursing Officer (515)-574-3812
Human Resources Ted Vaughn Director (515)-573-1148
Human Resources/Planning and Zoning Allison Roderick Clerk allison.roderick@webstercountyiaorg._ (515)-574-3761
MIS Andy McGill Director (515)-574-3733
MIS Allison Ripperger Programmer (515)-955-2030
MIS Karen Schoon Network Administrator (515)-955-2030
MIS Nate McSparin Network Support Tech (515)-574-4102
Planning and Zoning Jeffrey Johnson Administrator jeffrey.johnson@webstercountyiaorg._ (515)-574-3761
Recorder Lindsay Laufersweiler Recorder (515)-574-3722
Recorder Courtney Bender Clerk (515)-576-2401
Recorder Lisa Daggett Clerk (515)-574-3720
Recorder Paige Workman Clerk (515)-574-3745
Small Claims Janet Clark (515)-576-2453
Recorder Emma Spicher Halligan
Treasurer Brenda Angstrom County Treasurer (515)-574-3706
Treasurer/Motor Vehicle Carolyn Clark Second Deputy (515) 574-3771
Treasurer/Motor Vehicle Mindy Jacobs Second Deputy (515) 574-3770
Treasurer/Motor Vehicle Kathleen Hay Clerk (515) 574-3760
Treasurer/Motor Vehicle Jesse Albrecht Clerk (515)-574-4611