Septic Systems

2024 Construction Season Registration Now Open

As per Webster County Ordinance 2023-03 Section 3.3 Private Sewage Disposal System Contractors. Contractors are to register annually with the County before any construction activities. Contractors are required to provide the following to be reviewed and approved by staff and the Board of Supervisors:

1. 2024 Registration Application. Click HERE to obtain the application
2. Certificate of Liability Insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000.

3. One of the following education requirements are to be met:
     - Current IOWWA CIOWTS Certification
     - Current Time of Transfer Inspection
     - Completed a minimum of 12 Continuing Education Credits between April 1, 2023 through March 31, 2024
Please submit the required to by March 1, 2024, for review and Board approval. 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Allison Roderick, Webster County Environmental Health Officer. 

Private Sewage Disposal Systems 

Webster County follows Chapter 69 of the Iowa Code when it comes to installing septic systems. The
County Environmental Health Officer may make additional recommendations prior to the issuance of a permit. Every septic system must obtain a permit prior to any construction activities, systems must also be installed by a contractor bonded with Webster County. 

Private Sewage Disposal System Permit Application

Private Sewage Disposal System Fees

  • Sewage Disposal Whole System Installation ---------------------------------------------------- $200
  • Sewage Disposal Partial System Installation/Renovation------------------------------------- $100
    (One part of the system is being installed/renovated because the other part is operating as designed. EXAMPLE: A new secondary treatment system, but not a new primary treatment system and vis versa)
  • Alternative Secondary Treatment Systems Requiring
    Maintenance/ Annual Discharge Sampling -------------------------------------------------------- $300
  • Variance Request --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $100
  • Permit fees will double in price in the event that a homeowner elects to install a sewage disposal system privately.

A contractor may submit a permit for review or may request the Environmental Health Officer to be present at the proposed site to review and discuss the placement and permitting of the septic system.

Please contact Allison Roderick via phone or e-mail to request the initial site evaluation prior to any construction activities. 

Time of Transfer

Iowa's Time of Transfer Inspection Law:

Iowa's Time of Transfer (ToT) septic system inspection law requires that every home or building served by a septic system have that septic system inspected prior to the sale or deed transfer of the home or building. All inspections must be conducted by an inspector that has been certified by the Iowa DNR. The purpose of the law is to eliminate sub-standard or polluting septic systems. A sub-standard septic system is one that has no treatment (secondary treatment) following the septic tank or has a secondary treatment system that has failed. These sub-standard septic systems pose an environmental and public health hazard and require repair. If you have a septic system with a septic tank AND a secondary treatment system such as a seepage (leech) field, sand filter, or other approved device, and it is not creating a public health or environmental hazard, it does not have to meet the current code.

IDNR Certified Onsite Time of Transfer Inspectors 
The following Webster County Time of Transfer Inspectors have registered and completed the eligibility exam application process in the Iowa DNR Operator Certification Database. They have also completed the Time of Transfer Inspector Training offered by the Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) Onsite Wastewater Training Center of Iowa. 

  • Robert Belthius 
  • Nicolas Lentsch
  • Carl Marsh
  • Al Price
  • Tyler Heslop
A complete list of all current Time of Transfer Inspectors can be found here. 

Time of Transfer Septic Inspection Exemptions
Iowa Code 455B.172(11)

Binding Agreement Forms
Binding Agreement for a weather-delayed inspection
Binding Agreement for demolition
Binding Agreement for future installation

Continuing Education Opportunities 
Contractors looking to continue their private sewage disposal system education, please click HERE for a full list of upcoming courses offered through DMACC.