Our Mission

To promote and maintain health for all, to prevent disease and disability, and to collaborate, coordinate, develop, and implement community health programs and provide comprehensive care to the ill and disabled. The department continually seeks new ways and means of responding to changing community health needs.
Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Health Department Kari Prescott Director kprescott@webstercountyia.org
Health Department Jennifer Sheda Chief Financial Officer jsheda@webstercountyia.org
Health Department Cindy Partlow I-Smile Coordinator cindy.partlow@webstercountyia.org
Health Department Gayla Moore I-Smile Silver Coordinator gayla.moore@webstercountyia.org
Health Department Tricia Nichols, RN Child Health/Maternal Health Coordinator tnichols@webstercountyia.org
Health Department Jennifer Sumpter, RN Chief Nurse Officer jwuebker@webstercountyia.org
Health Department Erica Loerts Community Wellness/Tobacco Outreach Coordinator erica.loerts@webstercountyia.org
Environmental Health Trin Lewis Environmental Health trin.lewis@webstercountyia.org
Emergency Preparedness Ron Vought Service Area 7 Emergency Preparedness Coordinator ron.vought@webstercountyia.org
Health Department Cathy Hugghins Social Worker chugghins@webstercountyia.org
Health Department Emily Uhlenkamp CFO emily.uhlenkamp@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Amber Cooke I-Smile Coordinator amber.cooke@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107