Our Mission

To promote and maintain health for all, to prevent disease and disability, and to collaborate, coordinate, develop, and implement community health programs and provide comprehensive care to the ill and disabled. The department continually seeks new ways and means of responding to changing community health needs.
Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Health Department Jennifer Sumpter, RN Director jwuebker@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Cindy Partlow I-Smile Coordinator cindy.partlow@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Amber Cooke I-Smile Silver Coordinator amber.cooke@webstercountyiaorg._ (515)-573-4107
Health Department Erica Loerts Community Wellness/INNSG erica.loerts@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Emergency Preparedness Ron Vought Service Area 7 Emergency Preparedness Coordinator ron.vought@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Ann Marie Beane Care For Yourself annmarie.beane@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Amanda Trice Maternal, Infant, Early Childhood Home Visiting amanda.trice@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Beth Albright Child Health Dental balbright@webstercounty.ia (515)-573-4107
Health Department Breanna Case Operations Specialist breanna.case@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Brooke Kammerer Maternal, Infant, Early Childhood Home Visiting bkammerer@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Courtney Ubben RN cubben@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Dawn Dencklau Child Health Dental Support dawn.dencklau@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Emergency Prepardness Debra Franz Health Equity SA7 debra.franz@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Jamie Saxton Home Health Intake jsaxton@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Jeannie Dawson Maternal, Infant, Early Childhood Home Visiting jeannie.dawson@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Jessica Olson WIC Coordinator jessica.olson@webstercountyis.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Julie Howell RN jhowell@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Katie Loseke RN katie.loseke@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Kelley Smith-Larson CCNC RN kelley.smith-larson@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Kendra Friesth WIC kendra.friesth@webstercounityia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Laurie Arndt HCA laurie.arndt@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Lexie Hugghins MH/WIC/EPSDT lexi.hugghins@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Lisa Moore RN lisa.moore@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Nancy Vasquez Spanish Interpreter nvasquez@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Sara Carspecken RN sara.carspecken@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Shana Fulton Accounting shana.fulton@hotmail.com (515)-573-4107
Health Department Shannon Housken RN shannon.housken@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Health Department Stacy Kraft RN skraft@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107
Emergency Prepardness Tyler Johnson SA7 HPP Coordinator tyler.johnson@webstercountyia.org (515)-573-4107